The original Samsung Galaxy Fold has run out of updates

Samsung has officially pulled the original Galaxy Fold from receiving regular security updates as the device reaches its fourth year in existence.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced in 2019 and was originally promised a full three years of Android updates and four years of security updates. At the time, that guarantee was better than what most Android manufacturers promised for released devices. Since then, Samsung has upped its game and is now offering a promise of four years of OS upgrades alongside five years of regular security patches.

While most Samsung devices are gearing up to receive yet another security update, the Galaxy Fold is sadly no longer on the list. The device received its last biannual some time ago and didn’t even get a chance to run Android 13 with One UI 5. This change marks the end of the device’s supported life span.

The Galaxy Fold was Samsung’s original foldable phone. Though seeing the end of its support life is sad, it’s a reminder that the company has brought four subsequent generations of book-style foldables and flip-style foldables to users globally. That original effort became a push for folding phones that other manufacturers like Google and even OnePlus can’t ignore with the brand-new Open.

While this isn’t a death sentence, it’s an indication that in the future, the Galaxy Fold won’t be secured against new threats and malicious attacks, which evolve quite frequently. The four years were meant to cover the majority of users, with most likely to upgrade after only a couple. If you’re still using the original Fold, consider grabbing something that is still supported.

If you’re looking to upgrade after holding on to the Fold for four years, Samsung may still offer trade-ins even though the phone isn’t specifically listed. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 and even Z Fold 4 are massive steps up from the original and have refined the foldable experience with the latest update – One UI 6.

The next device to stop receiving updates will be the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which was announced in 2020. The device won’t see One UI 6, but it will get semiregular security updates until next year.

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