11 Best Sites to Download Android Apps Apk  

It happens to some of us that our favorite apps that are available earlier on google play store got vanished next day. There is lot of reason happening this, geo-blocked, unsupported version, or government order. Whatever is the case might be, but you loose access to your favorite android apps. 

Is there a way to fix this?

Yes. Any android app you download from google playstore is a file with .apk extension. These files get installed on your android smartphone the same a .exe file installed in Windows PC. The point is that if all that matters is apk files then why not install them from an external source.

Well there are some Pros and Cons of installing an apk files from external source.

Pros –

  • Downloading apk files are easy.
  • You can download any version of apk files
  • Apk files can be stored as backup.
  • Apk files can be shared with your friends.

Cons –

  • Apk files may contain malicious code to harm your phone.
  • Apk files may contain viruses or trojons.
  • You have to manually update apk files every time.
  • Apk files may have bug or may be unsupported.

Although apk files are easy to download, install and share yet they may cause serious harm to your phone. That’s why its necessary that you download these apk files from a trusted site. 

Here we have listed some of the most popular and trusted sites that are completely safe to download apk files. 

Best Sites to Download APK Files

  1. Aptoide
  2. Apkmirror
  3. Apk-dl
  4. F-Droid
  5. Apkpure
  6. Apkhere
  7. Apk4fun
  8. Apkmonk
  9. android-apk
  10. Blackmart
  11. Androidout

1. Aptioide

Aptioide is one of the largest apk hosting site. It contains more than 200 million android apps including all your favorite apps and games. It also offer its own app for downloading apk files directly to your phone. 

Although this site is completely safe to download apk yet it still contains moded version of android apps. All you need to do is to pay attention on downloading page that you are downloading the original apk not the moded one.

Visit : https://en.aptoide.com/

2. Apkmirror


Apkmirror is one of the best site you can trust for safest apk file. They have a complete collection of all your favorite apps with different versions available. APK files uploaded on Apkmirror are strictly checked for legitimacy, if they found any problem in APK files they don’t allow it on their marketplace. The best thing of Apkmirror apk files is that they are auto updatable that means you can update them like any other app downloaded from google playstore.

Visit : https://www.apkmirror.com/

 3. Apk-dl

Apk-dl has a great collection of android apps organized in well-defined interface. You will find all the top rate games and apps on the homepage and additional categories on the sidebar. One unique feature of Apk-dl website is that you can copy and paste app link from Google playstore to site search box for searching specific apps in its database. 

Apk-dl provides responsive interface for both web and mobile version, you can easily share and download any apps or games directly from Google playstore.

 Visit : https://apk-dl.com/

4. F-Droid

F-Droid is popularly known for downloading FOSS apps. All these apps are open source and least expected to have in-app purchases and ads. The good thing about F-Droid is that it offers some very useful apps for a daily basis user. Moreover, F-Droid offers its own apk file to manage and download android apk from its marketplace.

You may not find all the popular google apps on F-Droid but you can count this site in safer option to download useful apk files.

Visit : https://f-droid.org/en/packages/

 5. Apkpure

Apkpure is another safe site in the list loaded with tons of apk files. It showcases all the popular apps and games on homepage and has easy peasy installation process. If you are looking for any geo locked app then this site is the best choice. You can download any apk files that are blocked in your country. 

With a huge collection of RPG games, social media apps, and handy android utilities this site notify you for updated version of downloaded app. Also you cab register yourself for any future release app So that it will automitically downloaded when released.

Visit : https://apkpure.com/

6. Apkhere

APKHere is well known for providing apps in foreign languages. You can download Apk files in Russian, Chinese, French and other locale languages which are not available in google playstore by default. It also includes english versions apk of many apps so you can download the apk which suits you the best.

In terms of safety and security, you have to compromise a little because locale based versions of some apps may encounter some bugs and crashes.  But all the default version of apps are completetly safe.

Visit : https://www.apkhere.com/

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7. Apk4Fun

 With a simple and well categorized interface Apk4fun is the safehouse for thousands of popular apk files. You can download them easily without any annoying redirects or popunder ads. The best thing is you don’t need to register yourself to download apk files. All apk files are available right a way to your phone.

Visit : https://www.apk4fun.com/

8. Apkmonk

Apkmonk is another safer source for apk files. This site primarily focused on games and list all trending games on homepage. You can also download apps categorized well on the side bar of the site. Apkmonk provides you with different version of the apps and games with a included link to the corresponding app in playstore.

You can trust this site for apk file safety as they run malware test on every single apk files and won’t allow the malicious ones. 

Visit : https://www.apkmonk.com/

9. Android-Apk

Android-Apk is the known for having older versions of all apps that you can’t find on playstore or other apk downloading sites. They host a decent collection of trending apps along with the collection of some in development or closed apps. This site is the safest option if you’re searching for an older version app that are no longer available on playstore.

Visit :  https://android-apk.org/

10. Blackmart


Blackmart is the one and only option if you want playstore paid apps for free. On visiting site you can either search for your apps or download Blackmart Alpha app to get access to the safest library of paid and free apps of playstore.

Its interface is approximately identical to the google playstore and you will have no difficulty downloading apps from their app. You can trust the paid apk files provided by blackmart for safety and security.

Visit :  https://blackmart.co/android/

11. Androidout

The last site in the list of best apk downloading site is Androidout. This site has a nice collection of android apps and themes including those which are not available in playstore. This site is less frequently updated with trending apps and games but still is a safe place to download apk files. 

 Visit : https://www.androidout.com/

 Final Words:

These are some of the best picks from my side for downloading apk files. All sites have great reputation on the web and some of them like apkpure, apkmirror etc take security very seriously. So, it’s completely safe to download apps from this site. Even after that if you feel insecure, you can run an SHA file hash check on downloaded apk files before installing. The hash signature checks the file genuine by comparing with the original files on play store.

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