Tesla Cybertruck’s stiff steel structure, sharp design worry safety experts

The angular design of Tesla’s Cybertruck has safety experts concerned the electric pickup truck’s stiff stainless-steel exoskeleton could hurt pedestrians and cyclists and damage other vehicles on roads. Reuters spoke to six safety professors and officials who viewed videos of crash tests conducted by Tesla on its first new vehicle in nearly four years and shown during … Read more

Searching for best game console? Choose from 8 top picks and enjoy gaming

For many, the allure of renowned gaming giants like Xbox and PlayStation is undeniable. However, the hefty price tags attached to these gaming behemoths can pose a significant barrier, prompting consumers to explore more budget-friendly alternatives. Particularly for families with children who constantly crave fresh gaming options, the affordability factor becomes crucial. Not everyone is … Read more

Difficulty Of Diablo 4's Abbatoir Of Zir Event Is "Pretty Excessive," So It's Getting A Major Nerf

After player feedback and complaints, Diablo IV’s meant-to-be-hard Abbatoir of Zir event is having its difficulty significantly scaled down. The Abbatoir of Zir event kicked off on December 5 as part of Diablo IV’s vampire-themed Season 2, and was intended as a way for max-level players with optimal gear to further challenge themselves after having … Read more