As Apple Card rumors swirl, Amex CEO reveals what he looks for in co-brand partnerships

Based on the latest reporting, Apple and Goldman Sachs are planning to part ways sometime next year, ending their partnership that currently consists of Apple Card and Apple Card Savings Account. American Express has been rumored to be one of the companies potentially interested in taking over Apple Card. In a recent interview, Amex CEO … Read more

Apple updates legal process documents to acknowledge push notification data requests

Yesterday, it was revealed for the first time that governments around the world have been “spying” on iPhone users via push notifications. Apple confirmed the news in a statement, saying that “the federal government prohibited us from sharing any information” until the news became public. Apple has since also updated its “Legal Process Guidelines” to … Read more

HomeKit Weekly: HomeKit gift guide for 2023

Christmas shopping is in full swing, and you’ve got just a few days left to get your online orders in. Otherwise, you’ll be running out to the stores for your last-minute items. HomeKit accessories are some of the best items you can give to an Apple fan because people always need more of them! For … Read more

iPhone assembler Foxconn expects strong sales for the holiday quarter

iPhone assembler Foxconn had already predicted “significant growth” during the holiday quarter, but now says that October and November have been even stronger than expected. The company told investors that its November revenue hit T$650 billion ($20.65 billion), the second highest on record for the month … Some pessimistic reports There have been some pessimistic … Read more