How to Delete Mails in Bulk in Gmail?

We all receive hundreds of mails daily in our Gmail inbox, most of them are promotional mails, notifications and spams. With time, we got thousands of mails stored in inbox, and it becomes impossible to find the important mail in this heap of mails.  The solution to this problem is easy. You have to delete … Read more

How to Logout Gmail from All Devices? 

Gmail we all know is the most used email clients in the world, its free, have tons of features like smart compose, schedule mail, undo emails, email labels, filters and much more. With the increase of Android devices number of Gmail accounts has also tremendously increased. Now one person holds multiple Gmail accounts for personal … Read more

How to Create Signature in Gmail?

 If you’re habit of sending mail regularly to unknown emails, then you might get fed off adding your contact us information in every email you send. You can make this process easier by a useful feature provided by Gmail called Email Signature. This feature is available from the very start of Gmail, and you can easily … Read more