AMD new Instinct MI300A is the most powerful APU ever with 24 Zen 4 cores and an ultra-powerful GPU that matches Nvidia's best — it is shipping today and could be the biggest threat yet to Nvidia H100's hegemony

AMD has unveiled its latest accelerated processing unit (APU) built on the Zen 4 architecture in the form of the MI300A – which is expected to give Nvidia a run for its money as organizations flock to buy up components to power AI workloads. The unit – the first APU for data centers, AI, and … Read more

Google's AI-powered NotebookLM is now available to help organize your life

Google’s AI-powered writing assistant, NotebookLM, is leaving its experimental phase behind and launching as an official service with multiple performance upgrades. First revealed during I/O 2023 as Project Tailwind, the tool’s primary purpose is to help organize your messy notes by creating a summary detailing what you wrote down. It will even highlight important topics … Read more

Microsoft has a new chief security officer – what could this mean for Windows security?

Microsoft has announced major security leadership changes that will see existing CISO Bret Arsenault move over to a new role as Chief Security Advisor. As part of the shakeup, former Chief Strategy Officer Tsyganskiy will assume the new position as Global CISO for the Redmond giant from January 1, 2024. In a LinkedIn post, Microsoft’s … Read more

The best AT&T phones available for 2023

There’s such a vast array of good phones available right now on AT&T, so many in fact that you might even have trouble deciding. No worries though, we’ve researched and reviewed all the options to determine which are the best AT&T phones for most users. Everything’s been sectioned out just down below – with options … Read more