Does Remote Work Still Have a Role to Play in the Future of Australia’s Technology Workforce?

Image: Adobe/ChayTee Remote work has been a top desire for tech workers in Australia and New Zealand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having experienced more flexibility and autonomy working from home, few tech professionals have enthusiastically embraced return-to-office initiatives. Some tech employers in Australia are doing their best to get them back anyway. … Read more

6 Best Cloud Accounting Software of 2023

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Widespread Windows and Linux Vulnerabilities Could Let Attackers Sneak in Malicious Code Before Boot

Lenovo, AMI and Insyde have released patches for LogoFAIL, an image library poisoning attack. Researchers at firmware supply chain security platform company Binarly discovered a set of security vulnerabilities that open almost all Windows and Linux computers up to attack. The security researchers named the attack LogoFAIL because of its origins in image parsing libraries. … Read more

DevOps vs Agile: What’s the Difference?

DevOps and Agile are methodologies that are facilitating advanced software development across the world. DevOps enhances collaboration between software development and IT operations teams, while Agile enhances developer and development cycle efficiency. While DevOps and Agile differ in many ways, they also have many similarities that allow them to complement one another. This guide will offer … Read more

3 Best DevOps Configuration Management Tools for 2023

The following guide will reveal some of the top configuration management tools for DevOps to help make the lives of project managers and developers easier. More specifically, it will break down the best configuration management tools in terms of their features, pros, cons and pricing. Featured Partners: Dashboard Software Ansible: Best open-source and user-friendly configuration … Read more

6 Best Accounting Software for UK Businesses in 2023

Choosing the right accounting software is one of the most pivotal decisions you’ll ever make as a business owner. With the right accounting service, your business can effectively manage your books, discover key financial insights and chart a path to business growth. For most UK businesses, we recommend either QuickBooks Online, Xero or Sage 50 … Read more