Scorn Invites PlayStation 5 Players To Its Unsettling World This Fall

Scorn was one of the most enigmatic and polarizing games when it crept to Xbox and PC last fall. Some love it, some despise it, and PlayStation fans will get to see which side of the fence they fall on when it hits PlayStation 5 this fall.

Despite appearing like a shooter on its surface, Scorn is an atmospheric puzzle-focused experience. As a strange humanoid creature, you’ll explore a labyrinthian H.R. Giger-inspired alien world to unravel its mysteries. While combat is present, it’s very much secondary to deciphering the abstract story and riddles, and even those revelations will primarily be up to your interpretation

The PlayStation 5 version features DualSense haptic feedback support and 4K/60 fps gameplay. Check out the game’s new trailer below.



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