Upcoming Cosmic Horror Shooter Ditches PS4 Version, Now Only Coming To Current Gen Consoles

TeamKill has revealed that it is canceling the PS4 version of its upcoming game, Quantum Error, stating that it wouldn’t be able to stand up to the PS5 version due to hardware limitations. The cosmic horror shooter is now only launching for PC and current-generation consoles.

“Unfortunately, we are going to have to cancel the PS4 version of QE. Even with the game being made from the beginning for the PS5, we still had hopes we could make a PS4 version happen, but with the level of quality we have achieved with QE with gameplay running at 60fps, we have reach the conclusion that there is no way for us to deliver a version on PS4 that would live up to what the PS5 is going to deliver,” TeamKill explained on Twitter.

The studio continued, “A PS4 version would require too much downgrading and changing of assets, lighting and much more to function, and with the difference in memory and the slower HDD speed, it would be a very different experience that will not compare to the PS5 version and would not be fair to PS4 players.”

TeamKill also revealed that a release date for the game will be announced soon. While Quantum Error was previously billed as a PlayStation exclusive, it’s also coming to Xbox Series X|S. TeamKill noted that there was never an Xbox One version in development either.

The studio clarified that the PC port will not be available at launch alongside the console versions, and that it doesn’t know when it will be done quite yet.

Quantum Error was first announced in 2020. The game follows Captain Jacob Thomas, a firefighter and his partner Shane Costa and a crew to the Monad Quantum Research Facility. Once they enter the facility, they discover that it has been attacked and that a fire is spreading throughout. Now they’re trying to save as many people from the fire as possible, but something even more disturbing awaits for them.

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