How to Create Signature in Gmail?

 If you’re habit of sending mail regularly to unknown emails, then you might get fed off adding your contact us information in every email you send. You can make this process easier by a useful feature provided by Gmail called Email Signature.

This feature is available from the very start of Gmail, and you can easily use it to add multiple email signature to your email at the time of composing it. All you need to do is to follow the steps given below to add new email signature in Gmail.

What is Gmail Signature?

Gmail Signature is a digital identification of your email which describes the information about the sender of email. Gmail Signature is used by people for authenticity, branding, and backlinks. You can add your name, your scanned signature, contact address, your company’s logo, address, phone number, website or social media account links in your Gmail signature.

Why Gmail Signature is Necessary?

If you add Gmail signature to your emails, it creates a trust in the eyes of the receiver that the mail is not a spam or junk mail. Gmail signature symbolizes your company profile, you can customize it your own way. It can also help readers of email to know more about your company, if you add a small introduction with website and social media links in your Gmail signature.

How to use Gmail Signature in your emails?

Gmail Signature are automatically added to the footer of your emails. You don’t need to add them manually in every email. Creating a Gmail signature is one time work by going into the settings following the steps give below and rest will be done by Gmail itself. You can also have multiple Gmail Signatures for different purposes. At the time of composing your email, you can choose which Gmail signature you want to add to your email.

How to Create Signature in Gmail
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How to create Gmail Signature easily?

Gmail Signature can be created easily by following the steps given here. For creating Gmail signature, you have to be the owner of the Gmail account. If your Gmail account is allotted by Google Workspace owner, you need to take permission for creating Gmail Signature. For the sake of this tutorial, we assume that you are the owner of the email.

Let’s follow the steps below to create Gmail signature:

Steps to add Gmail Signature 

  1. Open and login with your Gmail account.
  2. Once you reach to Gmail inbox. Open settings by clicking the gear icon to the top right corner.

  3. Click on See All Settings from the menu open.
  4. After reaching to All Settings, go to General tab and scroll down to Signature.
  5. Click on Create new buttonAdd new dialogue box will open asking you the signature name.
  6. Enter the Signature name in the input box and click ‘Create’ button.
  7. Now, you will see your new signature with a small editor alongside.
  8. It’s time to compose your signature. Add all details like contact number, address, company logo, etc. in the editor just like you would write it in compose mailbox.

    Tip: You can set the option to add this new signature directly to new email or in reply emails by setting the choosing the signature from select box as shown below.
  9. Once done composing, don’t forget to save the changes by scrolling to the bottom and clicking ‘Save changes’ button.
  10. It’s done. Now, your newly created signature is ready to be added to mail on a single button click.
  11. Next time, when you compose mail, clicks on the pen icon in the formatting menu at the bottom of compose mailbox. You will find all your created signature there.
  12. Decide the one you want to add, and it will automatically add to your mail.

So that’s how you can create a new signature in Gmail. I hope you have learned and understand it well. Gmail is a world-famous email client and there are lots to know more about it, but we will that next time. 

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Wrapping Up

Gmail Signature is the most neglected feature of Gmail. By utilizing this feature, you can standout of the box and create a strong impression Infront of readers. We hope this blog post answers all your questions regarding Gmail Signature. If you feel like something missing in this blog post or want to ask something about Gmail signatures, you can drop down your questions and reviews in the comments.

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