How to Delete Mails in Bulk in Gmail?

How to Delete Mails in Bulk in Gmail?

We all receive hundreds of mails daily in our Gmail inbox, most of them are promotional mails, notifications and spams. With time, we got thousands of mails stored in inbox, and it becomes impossible to find the important mail in this heap of mails. 

The solution to this problem is easy. You have to delete unwanted mails in your inbox. But there are thousands of them. Can you delete all of them at once?

Yes, you can. With Gmail desktop version you got an option to select all mails under specific label and perform bulk action on them like deletion, marking them read or archiving them. This handy feature will save a lot of your time and frustration. 

So, let’s understand how to perform a bulk delete operation in Gmail.

Why do we need to delete mails in bulk in Gmail?

The most prominent reason for deleting bulk emails from Gmail is to clear up your inbox for important emails. Reading and deleting emails one by one is cumbersome process. That’s why it’s good to delete all at once. You can also use filters to select the emails you want to delete and then follow the steps below to bulk delete them.

Things to remember before bulk deleting your emails in Gmail:

  • Email you delete will be sent to trash for specific period of time. If you want to get rid of them, you have to delete it from trash as well.
  • You can use search filters to select list of specific emails to delete in bulk.
  • You can also add filters to group different types of emails separately. It makes easier to manage and clear out your inbox.
  • Always use desktop version of Gmail because bulk delete options are not available in mobile version or Gmail app.
  • If you just want to clear up your inbox, you can also use Archive option to remove them from inbox.

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Steps to Bulk Delete Mails in Gmail Inbox:

1. Login to your Gmail Account from any browser in your pc.

2. Select the label from the sidebar of which you want to delete all mails. For the sake of this tutorial, let’s say we select Primary label.

3. Click on the checkbox on the top of toolbar and select All from the floating menu opened.

4. Once checked, you will see a blue text instruction on the top of the list of mails, saying Select all mails in Primary Label. Click on it, and it will automatically select all the mails inside that label.

5. Once all mails get selected, click on the Delete icon ion the top toolbar to delete all mails at once.

The previous step will move all your mails into Trash, to permanently delete mails click on the Trash label on the left sidebar and repeat above steps for trash mails. 

So here you go, a super easy tutorial to bulk delete mails from Gmail inbox. You can also perform the same steps for other operation like mark read, archiving etc.

Wrapping Up

Marketing automation has made it easy to send automated emails to subscribers, but these promotional emails fill up your Gmail inbox for no reason. We hope this blog post guided you properly to clear out your email junk and increase your productivity. If you have any questions in your mind, you can drop them in the comments below. We will be trying to be as responsive as possible.

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