How to Fix Google Chrome Untitled Page?

 How to fix Google Chrome Untitled Blank Page?

This tutorial will show you how to resolve the ‘Google Chrome Untitled Blank Page’ problem. I recently updated this tutorial and will do my best to ensure that you understand it. I hope you enjoyed this blog, How to Fix the ‘Google Chrome Untitled Blank Page’ Problem. 

How to Fix Google Chrome Untitled Page Probleme
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What is Google Chrome Untitled Page Problem?

To access the internet, we all know that we need a web browser such as Google Chrome. However, you may occasionally encounter the issue of “blank pages” in Google Chrome. Above all, every time you enter the browser, you could see a completely empty page (white display) with no address or “envelope: blank” written in the address bar. In some cases, your browser will function normally until users access something related to Google or Gmail.

Only then will you be presented with a blank page. Again, the private browsing option may be the only way to resolve the blank page issue. The latter situation being where blank pages are displayed at random on various websites such as Facebook, blogs, and so on.

There are numerous reasons why you may be shown a blank page when browsing a website, just as there are numerous scenarios in which you will be shown to have a blank page. This issue could be caused by one of your extensions. In some cases, a corrupted history file may be the source of the problem. At worst, all of this could be the result of a virus. Because there are numerous causes for this, we recommend that you try each method.

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7 Ways to Fix Google Chrome Untitled Page Problem

Here are 7 ways you can try to fix Google Chrome Untitled Page problem. Starting from simply clearing your cache you can move to critical fix like reinstalling Google Chrome page. You can try all the methods one by one to find which works for you.

1. Clear your browser Cache.

This is one of the most common Google Chrome problems. When you try to load a webpage, the browser will throw a ‘Aw, Snap!’ error.

It indicates that Chrome is having difficulties loading the page. To refresh the page, go to the address bar and click the Reload button in the top-left corner.

This blanking or white screen error in your Chrome web browser can be caused by the cache that accumulates on a daily basis. In such cases, you must clear the cache by performing the following steps:

To begin, launch Google Chrome.

When the browser loads, simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + Delete.

A new window with browsing data information appears; click the Advanced tab.

Then, in the Time Range section, use the drop down menu to select All Time.

Then, press the Clear Data button.

2. Check Your Internet Connection

If you are using a slow internet connection, Chrome will have trouble loading web pages. This could lead to an untitled blank page error.

For a flawless performance, make sure you’re using a fast internet connection.

Open the Windows 10 Settings app (Windows + I keys) and navigate to Network & Internet > Status, where it should say ‘You’re connected to the Internet.’

3. Disable Chrome Extensions

Some extensions in Google Chrome can also cause blank and blank screen issues. To fix this error, go through all of your extensions and disable them one by one. Here’s how you do it:

To begin, open Google Chrome and select the three-dot icon in the upper right corner.

Select More Tools from the sidebar, followed by Extensions from the submenu.

Switch off all toggle switches that are set to activated when the extensions page appears.

4. Disable Google Chrome Sandbox

This is only a short-term solution. Once you’ve resolved the untitled blank page error, we recommend enabling Google Chrome Sandbox.

Sandbox is a security add-on for the Google Chrome browser that protects you while you browse the web. Here’s how to turn it off.

Step 1: Select Properties from the context menu of the Google Chrome icon.

Step 2: Goto to Shortcut > Target.

5. Disable Google Chrome Compatibility Mode

When compatibility mode is enabled in certain situations, it can result in a white screen. To fix this, use the following steps to disable compatibility mode:

To begin, right-click the Chrome icon and choose Properties from the menu bar.

Tap the Compatibility tab in the pop-up window.

Uncheck the Run this programme in compatibility mode for option once more in the Compatibility Mode section.

Finally, to confirm the changes, click Apply and OK.

6. Scan your PC with Antivirus

The existence of malware on your computer can also cause a bug check. That is why you must perform an antivirus scans of your Windows Defender PC. The steps are as follows:

Navigate to Cortana and search for Windows Defender.

To initiate this security application, click on the result that best matches your criteria.

To be successful later, choose Virus & Threat Protection, then Scan Options.

Now, select the Full Scan” option, followed by the Scan Now button.

7. Update your Google Chrome Browser.

The untitled blank page issue in Google Chrome could be caused by an outdated browser build on your computer.

The Chrome team releases updates with new features and bug fixes on a regular basis. Install the new Chrome build by going to Chrome Settings > About Chrome.

Final Words :

I hope this article, How to Fix ‘Google Chrome Untitled Blank Page’ Issue, was helpful. If you answered no, you could ask any question about this article in the comment section. Google Chrome is one of the most used internet browsers, but it also possesses certain bugs too. Stay connected to our blog to find and fix all Google Chrome Browser bugs in future.

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