‘Is this just a coincidence?’, netizens ask as govt imposes import sanction on laptops days after JioBook launch

The Indian government today implemented import restrictions on laptops, tablets, and certain types of computers, citing security concerns and the desire to boost domestic manufacturing. This measure will not only limit the influx of these products from countries like China and Korea but also require importers to obtain government permission or licenses for inbound shipments.

As per a government notification, the import of restricted items will be allowed only against a valid license. However, the curbs will not be applicable to imports under Baggage Rules.

“Exemption from import licensing is allowed for one laptop, tablet, all-in-one Personal Computer or Ultra small form factor Computer, including those purchased from e-commerce portals, through post or courier, subject to applicable duty payment,” reads a notification issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The announcement comes days after Reliance Jio launched its affordable JioBook laptop in the country.

Internet users, as always, are reacting to the news announcement in their unique ways. Here are some of the posts shared by users on X social media platform (formerly known as Twitter).

“Aug. 1: Jio launched their laptop ‘Jiobook’ at 16,499.

Aug. 3: Govt restricted the import of laptops, tablets, and computers.

Aap chronology samajhiye,” tweeted a user.


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