Samsung One UI 6.0: New features, enhanced design, improved performance and more

Samsung One UI 6.0 update is a substantial software upgrade encompassing a range of enhancements, including refined software design, expanded personalization options, improved performance, and numerous novel features. Here’s a comprehensive rundown of the features, changes, and additions that come bundled with this update as reported by SamMobile:

New Button Layout: The quick panel’s layout has been revamped for enhanced convenience in accessing frequently used features. Dedicated buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now situated at the top of the screen, while visual attributes like Dark mode and Eye comfort shield have been relocated to the bottom. Additionally, a customizable area within the middle hosts other quick settings buttons.

Instant Full Quick Panel Access: With Quick Settings instant access enabled, a single swipe from the right side of the screen’s top provides immediate access to the expanded quick panel, sidestepping the need for a secondary swipe.

Efficient Brightness Control: The brightness control bar is now part of the compact quick panel, ensuring quick and easy adjustments by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Enhanced Album Art Display: When playing music or videos, the album art now spans the entire media controller within the notification panel, provided the respective app includes album art.

Enhanced Notification Layout: Each notification now occupies an individual card, facilitating easier recognition of individual notifications.

Lock Screen Repositioning: Users now have the flexibility to reposition the clock on the Lock screen, according to their preferences.

Simplified Icon Labels: App icon labels have been streamlined to a single line for a cleaner and neater aesthetic. Additionally, some app names, such as “Galaxy” and “Samsung,” have been shortened for more efficient scanning.

New Default Typeface: The One UI 6 update introduces a fresh default font, imbuing a more contemporary and stylish feel. Users selecting the default font in Settings will experience this change upon upgrading.

Advanced Multitasking: Pop-up windows will now remain open even after navigating to the Recents screen, enabling users to continue their work without disruption.

Custom Camera Widgets: The update allows for the addition of custom camera widgets to the Home screen. Each widget can be configured to launch a specific shooting mode and save images in a designated album.

New Emoji Design: The update includes a revamped emoji design for a refreshed and modern appearance across messages and social media posts.

Weather Enhancements: The Weather widget has been enhanced to offer more detailed local weather insights, including alerts for severe weather conditions.

Interactive Weather Map: The updated Weather app now allows users to navigate the map to find weather information without needing to know the city’s name.

Camera Enhancements: The camera now boasts various improvements, such as custom watermarks, streamlined resolution settings, easier video size options, and precise leveling indicators for rear camera usage.

Enhanced Gallery Features: The Gallery app has been enriched with functionalities such as saving clipped images as stickers, enhanced story view, and a more intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Photo Editor Upgrades: The Photo Editor introduces new capabilities, including adjustments after saving, undo and redo functions, enhanced layout for improved navigation, and the ability to draw on custom stickers.

Calendar and Reminder Enhancements: Both the Calendar and Reminder apps have received updates, including new schedule views and the incorporation of reminders in the Calendar app.

Modes and Routines: The update brings a host of new features to Modes and Routines, allowing users to set up unique Lock screens for various modes, such as driving, working, and exercising.

Smart Suggestions Redesign: The Smart Suggestions widget has been redesigned with a layout that harmonizes with other icons on the Home screen, offering more customization options.

Finder Improvements: Finder now enables quick actions for apps directly from search results, along with storage space recommendations and other tips.

Settings Enhancements: Smarter Airplane mode, improved battery settings access, and enhanced security threat prevention are some of the enhancements in the Settings menu.

Accessibility: New magnification options, customizable cursor thickness, and enhanced accessibility information are part of the accessibility enhancements.

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Updated: 14 Aug 2023, 06:52 PM IST


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