AMD’s unannounced 96-core monster just crushed Intel’s best CPU to claim world record

Test results of the soon-to-be released Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO 7995WX “Zen 4” have emerged on the popular Geekbench benchmark and it turns out to be a staggeringly fast processor that should be able to beat almost everything (except perhaps AMD’s very own 128-core EPYC server CPU) and will find its place in the best workstation PCs when it launches.

The Geekbench 5 score – using the Linux version – for single core was 2095 while it reached a whopping 81,408 for multicore; not a linear progression but still good enough to surpass the previous performance single-core champion, an overclocked Asus system that hit 72,786 back in May 2023 with a 56-core Xeon w9-3495X CPU.


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