Bargain 61TB SSD is faster than expected in real-life tests, likely to cost under $3,500

The first reviews of the 61.44TB Solidigm D5-P5336, the world’s biggest PCIe SSD, are out (via HotHardware, StorageReview and TweakTown) with reviewers impressed by the performance delivered by this QLC-equipped enterprise SSD, leading to TweakTown giving it an editor’s choice and a 95% rating, calling it “an important milestone for the solid state storage industry”.

The drive has double the capacity of its next closest competitor and read performance that is almost on par with more expensive (and more resilient) TLC (Triple-Level Cell) rivals. StorageReview’s Lyle Smith adds that, “At present, the Solidigm D-P5336 stands in a league of its own regarding capacity, and it remains to be seen how the market will answer this achievement”.


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