Could this 31TB SSD sell for less than $1000 in 2024? Solidigm’s new ruler drive may well be the one

Forget consumer SSD, all the action (and excitement) seems to take place these days in the enterprise market. Solidigm’s D5-P5336 range, launched last week, not only brings a new 61.44TB version to the market (the biggest SSD available) but is also doing its best to drive down prices to record lows. 

At the time of writing, the 30.72TB version sells for around $1,700 ($1,689 at TechAmerica) and although it just launched and we’re still about four months from 2024, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes the first large capacity drive to sell for less than $1000 next year (or just over $30 per TB).


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