Meta is bringing Threads to the web – is this the final nail in the coffin for X?

Meta will reportedly release a web browser version of Threads early this week, hopefully, the final piece to make the platform feel complete. Threads launched as a skeleton of a social media platform, so finally having a web version will be a relief.

Earlier in the month, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company was also working on a fully-functioning search capability (at the moment you can only search for usernames). However, according to The Verge, inside sources say “launch plans aren’t final and could change” – so don’t get too excited right now. 

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram (and by extension Threads, an ‘Instagram app’), posted on Threads last week that Meta has been testing “an early version internally for a week or two” but added it still needs work. 

Screenshot of threads post by mosseri

(Image credit: Adam Mosseri via Threads)

Threads has built a small but faithful following who appreciate the simplicity of the app’s ‘barebones’ design (and probably its strong anti-Twitterness). Engagement has fallen away steadily after the launch but hopefully, the instant accessibility of the web version will entice more users to join the app – and get existing users to stick around for longer.


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