Mint Mobile vs Tello: which is the better prepaid carrier, and for who?

Mint Mobile and Tello are both very popular choices right now for those looking to cut their monthly cell phone plan bills right down to size. Put simply, they’re both very cheap for what they do – but which is better? As you’ll see in our direct comparison just below they are in fact quite different and should appeal to a certain type of user specifically.

If you’re on the fence, or simply doing a bit of research before you commit, then we’re covering what we think are the main selling points of each carrier just below as well as how they shape up on important criteria. Both carriers feature heavily on our cheap cell phone plans and prepaid phone plans buyers guides – so we’re definitely fans of each. By the end of this article, however, you should have a definite idea of which is best for you.

At a glance: two great prepaid carriers

Coverage and pricing


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