PS5 Pro: what can we expect from the next PlayStation 5?

While the PS5 Pro has yet to be revealed by Sony, it’s possible that we’ll see the mid-generation upgrade sometime in the near future. That’s because we can look back historically at a similar time in the previous system’s lifespan to determine that we could see the latest variant launch as early as the end of 2023. 

That’s because the PS5 originally launched back in November 2020 and it’s coming up on three years since then now. While Sony’s current generation console was plagued with stock issues for the first two years of its life in the US, the UK, and Australia, among other regions, that’s now been fully resolved, as the system has sold for its historic lowest-ever prices in these regions with best-ever deals. It’s these deep discounts which give the impression that the latest hardware revision could be coming sooner rather than later. 


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