Samsung's new One UI 6 Beta follows Apple offering new features to its fans, so where's Google?

Samsung is offering Galaxy S23 series fans a chance to try out its next One UI 6 in a public beta program, confirming news that seemed to have been posted accidentally a few days ago. While a beta can be risky to use on a phone you rely on heavily, a public beta is often reliable enough that it won’t leave you stranded or delete your photo library (backup everything, of course). 

Samsung’s next version of One UI will be based on Android 14, and Google already has a public beta of its next Android update, but it frankly seemed less inspiring than what Samsung is previewing for Galaxy S23 users. The details in the Samsung news seem minor, but looking at the scant visuals they provide and reading between the lines, it’s clear that this is going to be a big update for One UI. 

The Quick Panel, a major part of the Android system, has a greatly improved look and new behaviors in One UI 6 Beta. The buttons look smoother, and it takes less swipes to see all of them, if you so choose. The brightness slider is now always visible in the Quick Panel.

One UI 6 beta screens of Quick Panel and lock screen

(Image credit: Samsung)

Nothing major, but if you follow Samsung, you notice constant iteration and improvement at both the macro and micro levels.


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